An overlooked form of art. An unexpected art of form


About the art

The inner beauty of the can’s polished aluminum surface is revealed. By hand, I apply dents to sculpt patterns of shapes onto the can’s surface. The designs are made possible by the properties of the cylinder and the malleability of the aluminum. Thus presenting the familiar object and method in an unfamiliar way. The sculptures suggest the art of possibility, overlooked beauty and the irony of unexpected simplicity.


Not every sculpture in the collection is for sale. Pieces that are selected for sale are rated either AAA, AA or A, depending on their difficulty, precision and design. The rating also determines the price of each sculpture, with an A rating at $300-$400, a AA rating at $500-$800 and a AAA rating at $900-$1,200. These prices are introductory and subject to change.


1st Prize winner of the Red Bull Art of Can Competition in Miami, 2010.

Innovation Award winner of the 2014 Charles Lewton Brian Foldforming Competition, New York.

About the Artist

My name is Noah Deledda, a self taught artist. Along my journey I have explored many avenues of visual art with a few key ideas in mind. To present the beauty found in overlooked places and things. To explore curiosity, combining spontaneity and structure to achieve balance. And lastly, to introduce understated themes of irony and human perception.